Local residents threaten court action over public disorder fears...

Madonna is facing a tough battle to stage a massive outdoor summer show in Ireland’s Slane Castle on a Sunday.

Local residents of the town, 30 miles north of Dublin, have warned they will take the pop queen to court in order to block the gig because of fears over public disorder. And a local priest has further stirred matters by insisting Madonna’s decision to perform on a Sunday was “inconsiderate and insensitive” in a largely Catholic country.

If the show on August 29 did go ahead, Madonna would become the first artist to play the 80,000 capacity venue on a Sunday since Bob Dylan in 1984. His show ended in riots and saw drunken fans go on the rampage through Slane town leading to gigs at the castle being suspended for several years.

Slane Castle’s owner Lord Henry Mount Charles said the date was the only one Madonna could fit in during her upcoming tour.

“I knew people would stir up memories of 1984,” he told the BBC. “This year Bob Dylan is playing in Galway on Sunday June 27. So if he can play there on a Sunday, I am puzzled why there is opposition to Madonna playing Slane on a Sunday.”

Speaking yesterday (April 9) on BBC Radio Ulster, Slane parish priest, Father Joe Deegan made his comments about the “inconsiderate and insensitive” nature of the show.