The star reportedly took the action after learning Andrew Morton was planninjg a book about her...

MADONNA is reported to have sent a Buddhist bible to writer ANDREW MORTON, after learning he was planning to write an unauthorised book on her.

According to a report in this morning’s The Sun newspaper (July 2), Madonna is concerned that a book written by Morton could reveal personal aspects of her life that she would like to remain private. The writer has previously written books on Princess Diana and Victoria and David Beckham.

Madonna, who brings her ‘Drowned World’ tour to the UK this week, apparently sent the Buddhist bible to Morton’s publishing house, with a note reading: “This will help you and make you a better person.”

A friend of Madonna‘s told the paper: “She is a strong believer in Zen Buddhism and clearly thinks he will benefit from learning all about the philosophy behind it”.

A spokesperson for Madonna was unable to confirm the report to NME.COM today.