The superstar is back with a new album in April...

MADONNA has announced the title and release date of her new single.

The Mirwais-produced track, ‘American Life’, slated to be released in February, the first to be lifted from her forthcoming ninth studio album, scheduled for release in April.

The as-yet-untitled record is being co-produced by Mirwais, who worked on 2000’s ‘Music’, and Madonna. Jacques Lu Cont, of Les Rhythmes Digitales, who was musical director and keyboard player during the ‘Drowned World’ tour, has also contributed to the record.

According to, Madonna‘s publicist has denied earlier reports that she wanted to name her album in Hebrew, and was favouring ‘Ein Sof’, which means endlessness.

Jonas Ackerlund – who directed the acclaimed ‘Ray Of Light’ video – will also be directing the video for ‘American Life’.