The star blames "unclever" atttempts at censorship...

Madonna has blamed “unclever” attempts at censorship by TURNER PRIZE organisers for her swearing outburst on live television as this year’s results ceremony.

The anglophile superstar said “motherfucker” as she presented the £20,000 prize for new British art at the Tate Modern in London earlier this month. The show was being broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK. Madonna has claimed those behind the award attempted to vet her speech before she went on and pleaded with her not to “use profanities”.

“They wanted me to give them a copy of my speech before I went on and I said ‘No I’m not going to’,” she told American broadcaster NBC’s ‘Today’ show. “So they kept trying to get the information out of me in really unclever ways and I just got pissed off with them. It is a cutting edge, contemporary award. People expect that sort of behaviour from me,” she added.

Madonna also labelled show organisers humourless, saying: “Then they said ‘How would you like to introduced?’ and I said ‘Mrs Ritchie’. They said ‘Oh no, we can’t do that because everyone knows you as Madonna’. I mean come on, can’t we play a little bit? It’s ridiculous.

“Then they said at the end ‘We hope and pray that there is no profanity in your speech’. So of course I did take that as an invitation and I did swear and I felt much better afterwards.”

Madonna stepped out in London last night (December 18) at the premiere of the new Vinny Jones vehicle ‘Mean Machine’. Mrs Ritchie was accompanying her husband Guy, who directed former footballer Jones in his breakthrough film ‘Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels’. Ritchie also produced ‘Mean Machine’.