Security recognise the man as he tries to enter the backstage bar...

A suspected MADONNA stalker was thrown out of the ‘TOPS OF THE POPS’ studio yesterday (May 14), after buying a ticket from a tout.

The 29-year-old man tried to get into the backstage bar area but was spotted by security and forced to leave the studio. Madonna had to stay in her dressing room for 30 minutes as the man was found.

She had planned to leave early after recording her song.

“A potential stalker had bought a ticket from a tout and he tried to talk his way into the Star Bar,” a BBC statement said. “But he was recognised by security staff and was escorted from the premises.”

The incident took place at BBC Television Centre in Shepherd’s Bush, west London.

The man is thought to have been involved in several attempts over recent years to gain access to the singer.