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After keeping fans waiting for an hour-and-a-half and causing chaos in rush-hour LONDON, MADONNA finally took the stage at HMV to play to 500 ecstatic fans this evening (May 9).

The city was gripped by Madonna-mania, and the frenzy to get hold of tickets for the free show, which was only confirmed yesterday, was unprecedented.

Coming on stage to an electrified crowd at 5.30pm, the superstar thrilled fans with a half-hour set, playing a number of tracks from her chart-topping album, ’American Life’.


She was dressed once again in the trademark army-style outfit, with black beret, that she has been wearing for her ’American Life’ promo duties.

After playing a handful of songs from her new album, she treated fans to the classic ’Like A Prayer’, and finished off with ’Don’t Tell Me’ from 2000’s ‘Music’.

The set-list ran:

’American Life’


’Nothing Fails’


’X-Static Process’

’Mother And Father’

’Like A Prayer’

’Don’t Tell Me’

Fans who had waited outside for hours hoping to catch a glimpse of Madonna tried desperately to crane in windows to get a look, and the entire shop was packed. Windows along Oxford Street were also filled with spectators, and there was near-chaos when she arrived in a black BMW at 4pm, when doors had been due to open to the lucky wristband winners.

Security was ultra-tight for the gig, and the world’s media had descended on the city in the hope of getting in, despite earlier insistence by Madonna that the press access be restricted to one journalist and one photographer.