Shakira says she'd expect "a little more backbone" from the pop queen...

SHAKIRA has called MADONNA“spineless” for axing the controversial anti-war video to new single ‘AMERICAN LIFE’.

She says the star should have stuck with the original promo for the track, rather than putting together a new one weeks before its release because of the war in Iraq.

In the first video Madonna dresses as a soldier and throws a grenade into US President George W Bush’s lap.

She told fans she had withdrawn the video out of “sensitivity and respect” to the armed forces involved in the Iraq War.

But Shakira told ananova: “I’d expect a little more backbone fromMadonna. Good pop music is always political in times of crisis.”

Shakira made a strong anti-war statement by projecting images of Saddam Hussein and Bush as puppets during her tour.

But they lose control of the game and the puppeteer is revealed as the grim reaper.