The star also plans to reunite with French producer Mirwais on the follow up to 'Music'...

MADONNA has revealed she will collaborate with LES RYTHMES DIGITALES mainman STUART PRICE on her new album, with recording set to begin in January.

The pair met when Price took time out from LRD and his other project Zoot Woman to play keyboards for Madonna on her ‘Drowned World Tour’.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1’s Jo Whiley, Madonna said: “We fooled around with remixes and were doing a lot of the tracks for the actual live show. Then we talked about working on stuff for my next album, and he’s already working on music for me. So I’m going to try that collaboration.”

Madonna also revealed she will team up again with Mirwais, the French producer credited with adding much of the kick to her last studio album ‘Music’. She’ll do the preparation for the album at both Price and Mirwais’ home studios “and than we get all of the pieces and we go into the big studio and record everything”.

In past, Madonna, added she had turned down offers of collaborations with Bono and Frank Sinatra in the past.

“The reason I turned Frank Sinatra down is he wanted to do it in this really detached way,” she explained. “He was going to do his vocals and then he was going to send me the tape, and I was going to do mine – it’s too detached.”