The Queen Of Pop admits Guy Ritchie doesn't like anyone else seeing her erm, assets...

MADONNA has revealed she is careful about what she wears these days as film director husband GUY RITCHIE doesn’t like her in see-through shirts that allow her “rasperries” to be seen.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1’s Jo Whiley today (November 22), the Queen Of Pop also revealed she would rather win a Best Actress Oscar than one for Best Original Song as: “I’ve won so many awards for music.”

Of her choice of clothes Madonna said: “He [Guy] doesn’t like it when I wear see-through shirts… because he doesn’t want anyone to see my raspberries.” When asked if she doesn’t simply tell him she can dress how she likes Madonna, not renowned for being a shrinking violet in the past, said: “Sometimes I do. I have to pick and chose my battles. He doesn’t want me to dress like an old slapper! Those are his words.”

Madonna also said she would have no problem taking part running in a parents race at her daughter Lola’s school sports day. “I’d do it, definitely,” she insisted.