Demand to see the star's 'Drowned World' tour means extravagant amounts are being paid for tickets via auction websites...

Demand to see [/a] on her DROWNED WORLD TOUR is growing at an incredible rate with tickets selling for a staggering $750 each on the ebay auction website.

A pair of tickets for her show at Chicago’s United Centre on August 28 are going for $1,525 and, with several hours left before bids close, the price could rise yet further.

A little further down the scale, a fair of tickets for her show in Las Vegas MGM Grand on September 1 are selling for $1,300, almost twice the face value.

However, fans have not taken complete leave of their senses. A pair of front row tickets for [a]’s New York Madison Square Garden show on July 28 are on sale with a reserve of $4,500. No one has bid for them yet.