The star is reported to have agreed to her hubby's request to star as a wealthy woman marooned on an island with a poor sailor...

MADONNA is reported to have agreed to star in the low-budget love story written by her husband GUY RITCHIE, which will be filmed at locations around Europe this autumn.

According to reports in various UK newspapers, the film is based on a 1974 Italian movie, ‘Swept Away’, and will star Madonna as a wealthy woman who is marooned on an island in the Mediterranean with a poor sailor.

The Daily Mail reports that Ritchie’s revised version will have the political tension between the capitalist leading lady and the impoverished communist crewman considerably toned down.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in September with Ritchie working with long-term producing partner Matthew Vaughn.

In other pop-movie crossover news, Britney Spears‘ big-screen debut in the movie ‘Jack Of All Trades’, in which she makes a brief appearance as an air stewardess, is to be released in the UK later this year. The film also features Backstreet Boys and Lance Bass from *NSYNC.

According to ananova.com, it will be released in the UK ahead of her first major role in ‘What Friends Are For’, which is slated for a February cinema release in the UK.

And Jennifer Lopez is reported by Variety to be in talks to star in a new version of ‘Cinderella’, called ‘The Chambermaid’, a romantic comedy which is scheduled to begin filming at the end of 2002.