And Nine Inch Nail's Trent Reznor looks set to write the score for 'Survivor' too...

MADONNA is hoping to star in the latest movie written by the author of ‘Fight Club’, NME.COM can reveal.

And author Chuck Palahniuk also revealed that NINE INCH NAILS frontman TRENT REZNOR has asked to write the soundtrack of the movie, based on his latest novel, ‘Survivor’.

Speaking at a book reading at Borders in Glasgow last night (July 16), Palahniuk said: “Trent Reznor said, ‘May I do the music?’ And I’m like, ‘Duh, may I kiss your feet’?”

The film is currently in development at Fox, the studio that made the big-screen adaptation of Brad Pitt movie ‘Fight Club’, and while the casting has not yet been confirmed, Palahniuk confirmed that Madonna‘s people had contacted him.

He said: “I did an event in Los Angeles and this guy came up and said, ‘I represent Madonna, she read ‘Survivor’ a few weeks ago, she laughed through the whole book and she’d like to know how to be a part of the project.'” Nicole Kidman is also rumoured to be interested in the role in the thriller.

Palahniuk also explained that he draws inspiration from Reznor’s music: “I just, this spring, wrote a horror novel

[‘Lullaby’, due out next summer] in six weeks while listening to the third track on Trent’s ‘Fixed’ CD on repeat. It is so frightening. My housemates hate that CD so much.”

Palahniuk also said that Reznor’s former protege Marilyn Manson wants to record the audio book version of ‘Survivor’.