A letter from an A&R man who told the queen of pop "the only thing missing is the material" is the showpiece of Madonna online auction...

A selection of MADONNA memorabilia is to go on sale later this week, which includes a rejection letter from a record company.

The auction is taking place on the internet via the US online auctioneer between July 18-August 1. Included in the auction are handwritten lyrics, stage costumes and photographs.

However, one lot expected to raise the highest bid is a four-song demo tape, which also features a rejection letter from a record company and CV for the star.

The letter, dated September 30 1981, is written by record executive Jimmy Lenner. In the letter he writes that although “the direction is a good one”, the “only thing missing from this project is the material”.

He goes on to say that in his opinion the star is not “ready yet”. He concludes: “I will pass for now, but I will wait for more.”

The auctioneers are predicting the item could raise up to US$3000.