Look out for "edgier, funkier" Music from the superstar...

Madonna has promised that her new album Music is “edgier and funkier” than her previous offerings.

Speaking to MTV, the superstar singer also confirmed that she is planning some club dates before the end of the year, and is considering a full-scale world tour in 2001, her first since 1993’s ‘Girlie Show’ jaunt.

Madonna said of the album: “I think it’s even more electronic than my last record [the William Orbit produced ‘Ray Of Light’], but it’s edgier and a bit funkier.” She added that French producer and musician Mirwais was responsible for the new developments: “He’s really influenced by ’70s funk and R&B so there’s definitely that influence, with a modern twist hopefully.”


Of UK comedian Ali G‘s involvement in the video for her new single, ‘Music’, released on August 21, she said: “I discovered him when I was working on the record in England and I was determined to find a way to feature him in my video.”

The video was directed by Jonas Ackerlund, and Madonna also revealed that the animated section of the promo, which was premiered on MTV on Wednesday (August 2), came about because she couldn’t do the stunts she wanted. She admitted: “I wanted to do some super action hero stuff in it, and being that I’m pregnant and couldn’t do much, we substituted my inability with some great animation.”

Madonna also said that she’s planning to do the low-key dates in October after the album comes out on September 18, despite her UK publicist telling that they were unlikely to happen.

She said: “About a month after the album comes out, I’m going to do a couple of club dates and perform in places like the Roxy in New York. Then I’ll go to England and do a couple of club dates there and go around Europe and just do small shows. We’ll see how the record does and judge what the response is. Then I’ll start thinking about a proper tour – you know, now that I’ve done my procreating thing.”

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