The Queen of pop gets ready for a busy year...

MADONNA has confirmed she has plans to marry film director GUY RITCHIE, and will tour European arenas “next summer”.

Speaking in an interview in today’s UK tabloid The Sun (November 22), Madonna said the marriage to Ritchie “could be next year”. However, plans are currently on ice due to the pair’s promotional commitments for their respective films and albums. She said: “Guy asked me to marry him and I’ve said yes but we haven’t decided when yet. We’ve discussed it but we haven’t booked a Scottish castle or anything like that.

“Guy has bought me a ring. I won’t say it’s not on the cards but at the moment I’m promoting my album and he’s promoting his film and our son has just been born so it’s difficult to manage all of that. It would all be a bit stressful.


“So we’re not going to get married before Christmas. It could be next year…

“We are very much in love and it seems like the natural thing to do. We understand what’s real. We cry on each other’s shoulders and we celebrate together.”

Madonna said that following the marriage, the pair are likely to settle in England “because of my children” – her daughter Lourdes, and the couple’s four-month-old son Rocco.

She continued: “I feel very comfortable in England. I feel safer. The more you come to a place the more you get to know it. I can find my way around and I can help people out when they ask me for directions to the pub or whatever – eventually there will be a time when we have to decide where is home base because of my children. In the next couple of years it will be important for her (Lourdes) to have a feeling of stability and security and friends around her. We knew we had to make one base home and that will be England.

“We have decided that and so we will be living here properly in about two years.”

Speaking about her forthcoming London show at the Brixton Academy (November 28), Madonna said that she will play five songs for her “hardcore fans”. She added: “I want to tour properly next year and I’m thinking I will start in stadiums and arenas in Europe next summer, so if anyone misses out on this one then they can see me then.”

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