But we can give you more details on the superstar's video for her new single Music...

A spokesperson for Madonna has dismissed rumours that she has planned a surprise small-scale LONDON live show before the end of this year.

A spokesperson for the star told that, contrary to reports in the UK today (August 2), everything was on ice until the birth of her second child.

“Nothing is planned until after the baby,” she said. “There’s a chance there will be live shows but there’s nothing to say they will be in London.”


The heavily pregnant Queen Of Pop’s spokesperson also scotched speculation of a Madonna-hosted launch party mooted for sometime around the September 18 release of new album ‘Music’.

The spokesperson stated: “As far as I’m aware there’s not going to be any party. If there was to be a party, I would know about it.”

She added: “I imagine that when the album’s launched Madonna‘s going to be at home with a very newborn baby.”

Meanwhile, more details have leaked out about the video for Madonna‘s new single, also called ‘Music’, due to receive a world premiere today.

As reported yesterday on, the video, in which Madonna goes out for a night on the town with two friends, features Ali G – the alter-ego of Sacha Baron Cohen – as her chauffeur. Ali G keeps true to his familiar style, calling Madonna ‘Maradona’ and telling her breasts (‘babylons’) look smaller than on TV. The video – a combination of animation and live action – was directed by ‘Ray Of Light’ helmsman Jonas Ackerlund.

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