Organiser Michael Eavis wants Madonna - but Radiohead and Richard Ashcroft won't be playing...

MICHAEL EAVIS has revealed that he’s chasing Madonna to play this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

Speaking to after addressing the Cambridge University Union Society at a function for students last week, he also said he was still hopeful that Oasis would play the event.

He said: “They’re being offered loads of money (to play V2000) but I wouldn’t say that means they’re off-limit to us. Bands don’t do Glastonbury for money basically. We can’t spend a million pounds on one band because we like to spread that money over the whole site. It just couldn’t work otherwise. But the other festivals have to do that in order to get the artists and make their show work. Ours goes on reputation rather than the headliner.”


Eavis went on to confirm that both Richard Ashcroft and Radiohead WOULD NOT play because they were behind schedule recording new material.

Eavis commented: “Radiohead are not doing anything this year, which is a real shame. It’s a great disappointment. The last time they played I think was the best Glastonbury moment of all time. Richard Ashcroft’s not ready either at the moment. He’s not available because his recording stuff’s behind schedule, as is Radioheads.”

Eavis refused to give the names of any bands he was especially interested in, saying: “I don’t want to give the impression anyone’s playing because it’s still only January. It gets me into deep trouble! If I say anything to you now, all the others (festival organisers) will go and offer them loads of money to play theirs. There’s a lot of competition at the moment.

He did, however, confirm he hoped to see Barry White at Glastonbury 2000 and that he’d turned down Whitney Houston’s offer to play. However, his one wish for this year’s festival, on June 23-25 at his farm at Pilton, Somerset, would be to see Madonna headline.

“I would like to get Madonna, I tell you that, especially with her William Orbit connections. I might spend a bit of time working on that actually…Hole were great last year and I’d be very keen on getting Madonna along to replace her. That’s the one to do.”