The organiser also hopes the reformation of a "legendary" rock band is on the cards...

GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL organiser MICHAEL EAVIS is targeting Madonna to play next year’s event – and he also said he hoped the reformation of a “legendary” rock band is on the cards.

Eavis told nme.com that he thought Glastonbury 2000 was the “best ever” and said he was trying his best to make 2001 even better.

As a result, he was trying for Madonna, who hit number one with ‘Music’ last month.

He said: “There’s always Madonna. We always want her. And one or two legendary old bands are talking about reforming for the event too, though I can’t say who yet. Whatever, it’s going to be a really good year.”

In addition, he is also unveiling his “invincible fence” on Monday (September 18) which will go in place at next year’s festival in a last-ditch bid to prevent thousands of people getting into the festival without a ticket.

“It’s 20ft high and looks really, really good. People have got to get it into their heads that they have got to pay or else really not bother coming. We can’t have these thousands extra coming in for nothing. And there’s the health and safety aspect too following Roskilde. If the fence doesn’t work, Glastonbury is finished,” Michael warned.

You can find out more of what Eavis and other UK festival promoters have to say about how the UK festival season was this year and what’s in store for 2001 in this weeks NME (issue dated September 16) in UK shops now.