But we're not talking about Guy Ritchie here - French dance guru Mirwais is the man in question...

Madonna and Mirwais, the underground French dance figure who co-wrote and produced six tracks on her new album, have achieved the “perfect marriage” making Music, according to the superstar singer.

And she says she had no doubts about bringing him in to funk up ‘Ray Of Light’ producer William Orbit‘s grooves on the album.

Speaking in this week’s issue of London listings magazine Time Out, on sale tomorrow (September 6), Madonna says: “‘After hearing Mirwais‘ music I didn’t have to think at all. I knew instinctively that I wanted to collaborate with him. His music is experimental, but I also think it’s accessible and I never set any limits on him creatively. I knew that what I was bringing to the party – structure, melody, lyrics – would be a perfect marriage with Mirwais.

“There are so many misconceptions about me that I’ve given up focusing on them and trying to disprove them. The proof is in my work.”

Mirwais says he was “amazed” by Madonna‘s musical talent and vision. “A lot of people know her because of her personality, because she is provocative. But as a musician myself I was amazed by her.”

Mirwais says he doesn’t want to talk about Madonna‘s talent as an actress or businesswoman, “but I know about music. If you compare Bjvrk and Madonna, Madonna is as talented. But she doesn’t communicate that.”

The Gallic dance guru, who only agreed to work with Madonna because “we have a lot of common ground,” also praises her sense of adventure in the recording studio: “It’s amazing the risks she’ll take. If we had 10 artists in the world like her, maybe things could change in the charts.”

Madonna admits that she was worried about using both Mirwais and ‘Ray Of Light’ maestro William Orbit on the album, but says: “I was concerned with keeping a consistent sound on the record in spite of the fact that I worked with several producers, but I think I succeeded. The constant was me. While each producer has their own identity, they are a part of a whole picture.”

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