Hope she's got a good winter coat with her - it's bloody freezing up there just now...

MADONNA arrived in SCOTLAND this afternoon to the sound of a lone piper, and will spend the next few days making the final preparations for her marriage to film director GUY RITCHIE on Friday (December 22).

According to the BBC, Madonna landed in a private plane at Inverness Airport at approximately 1.30pm this afternoon. Accompanied by Ritchie, she then took a blacked out Range Rover to Skibo Castle, where the ceremony is predicted to take place. It is anticipated that the wedding will be preceded by a christening ceremony for the pair’s child Rocco, the night before (December 21) at Dornoch Cathedral.

Guests rumoured to be making an appearance at the wedding include Gwyneth Paltrow, footballer Vinnie Jones, Sting, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Security surrounding the event is incredibly tight, and according to this morning’s Daily Record newspaper in Scotland, any leaks of information to the press by employees at the wedding carry the threat of instant dismissal. They quote an inside source as saying: “The bosses are determined not to let anyone in or out unless there’s a good reason.

“Staff are getting information on a need to know basis with details of different parts of the wedding being given to different people. That way, if there’s a leak, they can tell where it’s come from. If one worker gives anything away, his whole section faces losing their jobs. That fear of unemployment will make sure Madonna’s wedding plans stay secret until it’s all over.”