You can get Music ahead of its September release date...

Madonna‘s new album Music is available on its entirety on the Internet – and one fan told that they downloaded all ten tracks in one afternoon.

The singer has spoken out against Napster in the past, and was reportedly infuriated when she discovered that the single ‘Music’, which was released yesterday (August 21), was available on the Net months in advance of the release date initially scheduled for it. The track’s release date was brought forward as a result.

The ten tracks on the album which can be downloaded using the Napster technology, are – ‘Music’, ‘Impressive Instant’, ‘Runaway Lover’, ‘I Deserve It’, ‘Amazing’, ‘Nobody’s Perfect’,’ ‘Don’t Tell Me’, ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’, ‘Paradise (Not For Me)’, and ‘Gone’.


When it emerged in June that the title track, which had originally been slated for a September release, was available on an MP3, Madonna‘s manager Caresse Norman said: “The music was stolen and was not intended for release for several months. It is still a work-in-progress. Ultimately, those sites that offered a download of Madonna‘s music are violating her rights as an artist.”

At that time, the parent company of Madonna‘s Maverick Recordings label, Warners, said: “Any site that does not remove our copyrighted material runs the risk of civil and criminal prosecution.”

Madonna had banned copies of the album, which is released on September 18, from being sent to journalists.

One Madonna fan, who is a Napster user, revealed to that they were able to download the entire album relatively quickly after finding out the track titles, adding: “I have a powerful computer with a high-speed Net connection, so it only took a few minutes to do each track. But even with a home PC you would be able to do it in an afternoon.”

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