It's rumoured that little Rocco was suffering from a life-threatening condition following his birth...

Reports are circulating that Madonna‘s newborn baby boy ROCCO suffered a potentially life-threatening condition following his birth last week.

According to the BBC, Madonna underwent emergency surgery to help save her baby after she was rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA with “abdominal pains” and loss of blood last Friday (August 11).

The report claims that Madonna suffered a detached placenta which was restricting the baby’s oxygen supply, and doctors decided to perform a caesarean section to save the child.


Today, tabloid reports in the Daily Star quote a source at the hospital saying that following the birth, Rocco suffered from “respiratory distress syndrome” and “liver and kidney dysfunction”, which at one point was life-threatening.

However, a spokesperson for Madonna in the US has dismissed the rumours. She said: “Madonna and the baby are fine. They are both at home. They were released a couple of days ago.”

Madonna releases her new single ‘Music’ in the UK on August 21. Her album, also titled ‘Music’ follows on September 18.

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