TV bosses give the comedy character a slap on the wrists for use of the word 'punani'...

ALI G has been rapped by the INDEPENDENT TELEVISION COMMISSION after complaints were received about him using bad language in the video for MADONNA’s ‘MUSIC’.

A spokesperson for theITC told NME.COM that the word “punani” is graphic and offensive to the Afro-Caribbean community, and was in breach of the ITC code of conduct if it is used on programmes intended for children’s viewing.

“The word is now being used without the majority of people understanding how offensive it is to the Afro-Caribbean community. It is the equivalent of the ‘c-word’, it is equally offensive. It is perhaps being used by people who don’t understand its level of offence.”


She admitted that the ITC had not received complaints specifically about the word being used in the Madonna video, but explained: “We have received complaints about its use in other contexts, and from our own monitoring, the ITC found the video is in breach of the code.

“Pre-watershed (ie shows broadcast before 9pm) programmes are supposed to be acceptable for children to see or hear, and things like strong language shouldn’t be used before the watershed. If they wish to show it to a younger audience before the watershed, that part of the video should be edited if it is not to breach the code in future.”

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