Let's hope she had a nice thick kilt on - it's freezing in Dornoch...

MADONNA jetted into DORNOCH in the Scottish Highlands yesterday (December 5) to view the cathedral where she is expected to wed GUY RITCHIE.

The couple arrived at Inverness Airport by private jet with an entourage of two bodyguards and a personal assistant, and the party drove the 50 miles to Dornoch Cathedral in two Range Rovers.

When they arrived, the Daily Record reports, Madonna burst into a note-perfect rendition of the hymn ‘Ave Maria’. An onlooker is quoted as saying: “It was almost surreal to see Madonna and Guy appear in the church. When she burst into song it was like a scene from a romantic movie. It could have been Grace Kelly walking with Cary Grant. It was really touching and the acoustics were superb.”


Although they have denied the wedding will take place this year, the couple are expected to tie the knot at the 776-year-old cathedral on December 22, and hold a reception at the Skibo Castle Hotel six miles away.

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