The big-boned opera singer has asked Mrs Ritchie to duet on 'Caro Mio Bene' and has reportedly asked Paul McCartney to join him too. Presumably not for 'The Frog Chorus'...

Opera legend LUCIANO PAVAROTTI has asked MADONNA to sing with him at his only UK live show of the year, in LONDON’s HYDE PARK on July 14.

The show is being billed as a “huge, Italian-themed picnic celebration” in the park, which will see proceeds going to The Prince’s Trust charity.

According to the BBC, speaking about the show at a press conference yesterday (February 14), Pavarotti said: “You should implore her to come to my concert. It is my hope. Madonna has a very clear idea. She promised to come if we sing together ‘Caro Mio Bene’ and I’m very interested.

“She told me in confidence. I have asked her but she has been busy – first she makes the baby and then, I don’t know.”

He added: “My past appearances in Hyde Park remain with me as some of the most memorable performances of my career, so I am very happy to be able to return. This concert will be my only performance in the UK this year and so will be a very special occasion for me. It is an honour to be invited to sing here once again and I am looking forward, with my guests, to creating a little piece of Italy in the middle of London.”

It is also reported he has asked ex-Beatles songwriter Paul McCartney to appear with him at the event. A UK spokesperson for the show told NME.COM today (February 15) that Madonna is not officially confirmed, but had been approached.

Tickets for the event are priced #17.50, and will be available from March 14. However, tickets are available now (February 15) via promotions in Safeways supermarket stores across the country. For ticket information call 0870 735 2100.