Madonna’s adopted son flies to London

Singer granted 'interim custody' for 18 months

Madonna’s adopted child has been flown into London, despite the threat of a legal challenge from African human rights groups.

One-year-old David Banda flew to South Africa with the singer’s entourage from his home in Malawi, before boarding a second flight to London from Johannesburg.

He was carried by [a]Madonna’s personal assistant through Heathrow airport early this morning (October 17), covered in a grey blanket, reports BBC News.


The baby’s hasty departure provoked claims that Malawi’s strict adoption laws were being bent to allow Madonna to take the child.

Under Malawian law, international adoption is prohibited and requires 18 months assessment.

But a statement by Madonna‘s publicist Liz Rosenberg said she has been granted an interim order allowing her custody of David for the next 18 months.

During that time the singer and her husband Guy Ritchie “will be evaluated by the courts of Malawi per the tribal customs of the country”.

As previously reported, a committee of 67 human rights groups were due to go to court seeking an injunction to halt the adoption process.

However the committee deferred the move, claiming that they needed more time to speak to an unidentified uncle of the child.

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