Madonna says new album ‘Madame X’ sees her going “back to her roots” and giving “zero you-know-whats”

The pop star took part in a live Q&A before the premiere of the video for 'Medellín'

Madonna has called her new album ‘Madame X’ a return “to her roots”, where she gives “zero you-know-whats”.

The queen of pop took part in a live Q&A in London tonight (April 24) ahead of the premiere of the video for her latest single ‘Medellín’.

One fan on a live TV link-up from São Paulo asked her if the line “Allowed myself to be naïve/To be someone I’ve never been” reflected what ‘Madame X’ “is all about”. Madonna replied: “What I mean by that line is naive in terms of not caring what people think. I feel like when I started my career, as an artist, I was naive. There was a good thing about being naive because you don’t think about judgment, you don’t think about what people are going to say, or think about what you’re doing, and you’re free and pure in your expression.”


She continued: “I wanted to be able to go back to that time in my life when I was just starting out in New York and I didn’t care what people thought and my music really came without listening to all the noise or recommendations or suggestions, or whatever. That is also the time in my life, when I was 19, when I was given the name Madame X. So the whole story comes full circle.”

After the focus had returned to the London studio, host Trevor Nelson praised Madonna’s early part of her career and how little she cared about what people thought of her then. “What about now?” she responded. “I still don’t care. Madame X is back to her roots, okay? She doesn’t care. Zero you-know-whats.”

Earlier this month, Madonna confirmed the release of her new album after weeks of teasers. ‘Madame X’, her 14th studio album, will be released on June 14, 2019 and will feature contributions from the likes of Migos’ Quavo, Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee, Diplo, and Brazilian singer Anitta.

The star is expected to perform a new song at Eurovision 2019 in Israel next month. The annual competition will take place in Tel Aviv on May 18.

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