Madonna postpones ‘Madame X’ residency in New York after knee injury

"I am not a quitter. This hurts me more than you can imagine."

Madonna was forced to postpone Monday night’s show of the Madame X residency in New York after she sustained a knee injury.

The singer shelved a date at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and has been advised to take rest for three days.

A statement on her website confirmed: “Unfortunately, Madonna’s Madame X concert this evening at BAM Howard Gilman Opera House is postponed.

“Madonna is currently dealing with a knee injury and has been advised rest for the next three days to assist in her recovery. Fans are encouraged to hold onto their tickets pending information on rescheduling.”

Despite the injury, it’s expected that forthcoming concerts this Thursday (October 10) and Saturday (October 12) will still go ahead as planned.

“We regret the inconvenience to fans. Thank you for understanding,” the statement confirmed.

Madonna added on Instagram: “It’s hard for Madame X to admit that she is also a human being made of flesh and blood and she must rest for the next 3 days to insure full recovery for her knee.
I am not a quitter. This hurts me more than you can imagine. Its time to take those heels and fishnets off for a few days! Thank you for your understanding.”

In a five-star review earlier this month, NME described the Madame X residency as a “colourful riot of rebellion, politics, and high camp theatrics”.


“Potent messages and funny sass aside, the show also shines a light on a softer side of Madonna, which often gets missed under her star power, rebellious nature and outspoken moments,” our verdict stated.

“The setlist draws mostly from ‘Madame X’ rather than her wealth of classics, and she looks happiest when she’s paying tribute to the musicians and sounds that inspired her to make that record.”

The Madame X residency arrives in the UK in February 2020.