Madonna says she means “business” after accusing Tory Lanez of ripping off ‘Into The Groove’

Apparently Lanez’ new track ‘Pluto’s Last Comet’ sounds suspiciously like Madonna’s 1985 single

Madonna has said she means “business” after accusing Tory Lanez of “illegal usage” of her 1985 single ‘Into The Groove’ on his new track ‘Pluto’s Last Comet’.

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The song appears on Lanez’s recent sixth album, ‘Alone At Prom’, which is heavily inspired by the pop greats of the ‘80s.


It would appear that Lanez sampled the lead synth melody behind ‘Into The Groove’ – written for the soundtrack of the ’85 comedy-drama Desperately Seeking Susan, which Madonna starred in – but didn’t credit the iconic popstar.

In response, Madonna commented on a recent post of Lanez’s on Instagram, writing: “Read your messages tor [sic] illegal usage of my song get into the groove!”

Lanez is yet to acknowledge the comment, or the claims that he sampled ‘Into The Groove’ without permission.

However in a statement given to Rolling Stone, Madonna has said  “I am tired of being taken advantage of and I mean business.” It’s not been confirmed if Madonna will pursue a copyright infringement suit against Lanez, or seek a writing credit on the song though.


In other news, Madonna has teased that she’s working on new music which is set to arrive sometime in the upcoming new year.

The pop icon – whose last album was 2019’s ‘Madame X‘ – took to Instagram on December 20 to share a series of photos including one that shows her laying down vocals in the studio. “So great to be back in the studio making Music again,” Madonna captioned the post. “Suprises [sic] in the New Year.”

It follows news that Madonna has “almost finished” the script for her biopic. In September the singer announced that she is co-directing and co-writing the forthcoming film, which she recently described as a “visual autobiography”.

Elsewhere, Madonna recently accused 50 Cent of “trying to shame me” following his now-deleted apology over comments he made about a series of photos the singer shared on Instagram.

“Your apology is fake, it’s bullshit and it’s not valid,” said Madonna. “What you should be apologising for is your misogynistic, sexist, ageist behaviour and remarks.”