Madonna’s new facial roller is being mistaken for a sex toy

It's worth more than £150

Madonna‘s new facial roller, part of her luxury beauty brand MDNA SKIN, has raised eyebrows on social media after many mistook the £152 product for a sex toy.

The pop icon advertised the new product via an Instagram post, saying: “Calling All Queens Who Want to Slayyyyyyyyyyyyy”, as she shared what she’s referring to as ‘the first of its kind’.

The double-headed carbon facial roller launches tomorrow (October 11). It boasts infrared heat, but most fans were more eager to point out its phallic comparisons.


“I love Madonna, but are we all just going to not talk about how this thing looks like a vibrater? [sic]” said one fan on Instagram.

“Oh my. Glad you clarified what that was. My mind is in the gutter.” another added. A third said: “Knowing Madonna, I thought something else. It would have been okay by me!”

Other fans simply voiced their frustrations that Madonna is working on skincare rather than her long-awaited new album.

They’ll have longer to wait than they expected, with the pop icon revealing in an interview with WWD last week that she is planning for it to hit shelves in 2019 rather than 2018, as previously stated.


Madonna  was promoting the new addition to her MDNA Skin lineup during the interview but made reference to the fact that she’s working on more than just skincare.

“Yep, in between rose mist spray and serums, I’m actually making music. Can’t quit my day job,” the singer said. This as-yet-untitled album will be Madonna’s first release in four years, since 2015’s ‘Rebel Heart’.

In other recent news, the pop star said that she thinks all modern music “sounds the same”.

She told Vogue Italia in August: “Everything’s so formulaic, and every song has 20 guest artists on it, and everyone sounds the same.”