Magnetic Man want Eminem on new album

DJ Benga says he wants a big name on the new record, following the dubstep group's collaboration with John Legend on their self-titled debut

Magnetic Man‘s Benga says he wants Eminem to guest on the group’s second album.

The dubstep trio convinced R&B singer John Legend to sing on their track ‘Getting Nowhere’ on their self-titled debut album, but they want to hook up an ever bigger collaboration with their next record.

The DJ and producer told the Daily Star:

I couldn’t believe we got John Legend on our first album, so now we think, ‘Can you get me Eminem?’


Benga previously joked to NME that the trio’s second album would feature “Prince, James Blake, Stevie Wonder and Lenny Kravitz” and said his solo album, due out in February, would include “Madonna, Aviici, Justin Bieber and Flo Rida.”

Earlier this year, the producer, alongside fellow Magnetic Man DJs Skream and Artwork told NME in a video, which you can see below, that he considers his band, Skrillex and Mumford And Sons as the “artists of his generation”.

Asked who the trailblazers were, the producer replied: “Us obviously, Skrillex and Mumford & Sons”, to which his bandmate Skream added: “What a weird group of people, can you imagine us all in a room together?”

Benga has also revealed that he has turned his back on dubstep, despite being considered one of its inventors. Asked about this, he replied: “I’ve been seen to say that dubstep is the music of our generation, but that’s now changed. I believe now that certain artists are the future, I don’t want to be any part of dubstep anymore.”

Meanwhile, Benga can soon be seen in a behind-the-scenes, fly-on-the-wall online documentary about his life. Titled I Am Benga, the series begins on November 13 via Red Bull Studios.