Magnetic Man trigger huge stage invasion at Benicassim during DJ set – video

Skream and Benga DJ set leads to chaos as morning breaks at Spanish festival

Magnetic Man members Skream and Benga had their DJ set invaded by upwards of 200 fans at Benicassim International Festival in the early hours of this morning (August 15).

Scroll down now to view video footage of the invasion, shot from the stage by Skream at roughly 7am (CET).

The duo, who had earlier played with Artwork in their dubstep supergroup Magnetic Man, were coming to the end of a mammoth four-hour DJ set on the festival’s stage when one fan breached the security guards and jumped onstage to dance alongside the band, who were performing from inside their huge LED lighting cage.

Many more of the crowd then followed, with security unable to control them. The stage was completely swamped by festivalgoers for roughly 15 minutes, before security stepped in and told Skream and Benga to stop playing. Following this, the crowd dissipated calmly.

However, despite reports that the band have been banned from the event as a result of the incident, one of their road crew has since told NME that they have not heard from Benicassim organisers regarding the incident, explaining: “It was mental. We didn’t get banned but I’ve not spoken to anyone from the festival – we got out of there straight away.”

NME is reporting from the Benicassim site throughout the festival.

Watch Skream‘s footage of the incident below.