Major Lazer’s Jillionaire: ‘We need to teach kids how to do drugs safely’

The comments come after a spate of ecstasy related deaths at North American EDM events

Following a spate of deaths in North America related to MDMA in the EDM community, Major Lazer have spoken out, saying that young people need to be educated about how to take drugs safely.

Speaking to Rolling Stone in relation to the two deaths at New York’s recent Electric Zoo festival, Jillionaire of the electro-dancehall act said that young electronic music fans need to be informed about how to take drugs in a safe fashion.

He commented: “It’s going to sound weird, but we need to teach kids how to do drugs, the same way we teach them about drinking responsibly and having safe sex. If you’re going to go to a festival, drink water for six days before you get there; don’t drink no alcohol. If you’re going to do a pill and a half, don’t do four more and then pass out, overheat, and die of cardiac arrest. Instead of acting like drugs don’t exist, acknowledge that drugs will be at a festival and address them.”

Diplo echoed his bandmates comments, saying: “We’re such a conservative culture that we’d rather not talk about the things kids want to do, even though they’re going to do them anyway. We’d rather ignore it to solve the problem. In Florida, where I’m from, drugs have been a part of club culture since day one. Kids have always been going to raves in the woods. 20 years ago, Orlando was one of the first places to have rave culture, and we learned how to do drugs. It’s going to happen; you can’t control it. Persecuting a festival is not going to help it because kids are going to do them regardless.”