Fight breaks out during Diplo EDM speech at Hollywood music conference

Producer accuses fellow DJ of buying up Twitter and Facebook followers

A physical fight broke out between two men during a speech Diplo was giving at a dance music conference in Hollywood.

The Major Lazer producer was speaking at the IMS Engage conference and accused DJ BL3ND, who boasts over 100,000 Twitter and three million Facebook fans, of having bought some of his social media followers. Speaking alongside Instagram founder Kevin Systrom, Diplo said that BL3ND “only played shows in the OC” as proof of his lack of worldwide popularity.

Billboard reports that in a Q&A session afterward, Hashtag Management founder and DJ BL3ND manager Steven Haddad addressed Diplo from the audience and defended his client. He was then told to “shut up” by Diplo’s manager Kevin Kusatsu, seated at the back of the room. The pair later apparently spoke face to face where the physical altercation took place. The Billboard report claims that “It was unclear who threw the first punch, but Satien Mehta of Haddad’s Hashtag Management, who was standing next to Haddad, was hit during the altercation. The two men had to be forcibly separated and continued to go at each other after IMS officials intervened.”

Diplo has subsequently addressed the fight on his Twitter page, first stating:

Before offering a more reasoned response and stating: “Tbh I have nothing against Bl3nd. I admire that he created a strong local scene and was able to make an identity . My points at IMA were not about him particularly they were about social media not meaning shit. Mad love to Bl3nd for doing his thing.”

Major Lazer released their second album, ‘Free The Universe’, this week (April 15). The album features guest appearances from Haim, Vampire Weekend, Dirty Projectors, Wyclef Jean and Shaggy.