The men who discovered Oasis and The Sex Pistols team up for debate at the Oxford Union - hosted by lil ol' us... is hosting a debate at Oxford Union featuring former Creation boss ALAN MCGEE and former SEX PISTOLS manager and now London mayoral candidate MALCOLM MCLAREN on March 1.

The event, which is more a question and answer session with students than a debate about a particular topic, will be chaired by NME’s News Editor Jody Thompson and will be webcast live starting at 8.30pm.

Afterwards, both guests will take part in a live webchat question and answer session with readers.Click here to pre-submit your Questions

A spokesperson for McGee explained that the event was part of an ongoing series of debates at the Union, part of Oxford University.

He said: “It’s more a ‘meet Malcolm, meet Alan’ affair than a discussion about something in particular. I’m sure there’ll be talking about everything from Oasis to Alan’s new internet ventures to Malcolm’s mayoral campaign to his time with the Pistols.”