The former Sex Pistols guru denies he's pulling out of the race to become London's mayor...

Sex Pistols former guru Malcolm McLaren is strenuously denying claims that he’s withdrawn from the race to be London mayor, as claimed by a UK newspaper today.

The Independent today said that McLaren had instead thrown his support behind fellow independent Ken Livingston.

But a spokesperson for the musical maverick told “It’s absolute nonsense. What they have done is very mischeiviously take two and two and make five. We had been asked if Malcolm‘s position had been lessened when Ken entered the race as an independent and if we had the necessary financial backing to see the race out.”

“We admitted that it would be difficult. But, as we have made clear all along, we will continue to evaluate our position until April 5 (the deadline for all nominations) when we will decide to either hand over the #10,000 needed to enter the race or move in a different direction.”

McLaren’s bid has been bank-rolled by former Creation Records supremo Alan McGee and estimated to have cost around #30,000 to date. The spokesman made it clear that any more available funds would NOT be placed at the disposal of Ken Livingston, in the event of McLaren‘s withdrawal and any subsequent support he may give the former GLC leader.

Malcolm doesn’t really trust Ken. If he does get behind him it will be to act as his conscience, to make sure that he does actually work for the good of London. Malcolm sees Ken as something of a career politican who is perhaps running for the good of Ken rather than the good of the city.”

McLaren‘s meanwhile policies could not be described as those of a career politican. As he elaborated during’s exclusive webcast of his Oxford Union debate with McGee, McLaren advocates the legalisation of cannabis, the introduction of a lottery to help house the homeless and the opening of brothels opposite the the former House Of Commons.