MAMAMOO’s Hwasa returns with chic music video for ‘I’m A 빛’

Her new single album 'Guilty Pleasure' is out now

Hwasa of MAMAMOO has dropped a music video for her brand-new single, ‘I’m A 빛’.

‘I’m A 빛’ was co-written by Hwasa, who collaborated on the song with in-house RBW Entertainment producer and frequent MAMAMOO collaborator Park Woo-sang. He had most notably worked with Hwasa on her previous solo material, including the singles ‘Twit’ and ‘Maria’.

The new song dropped alongside an accompanying visual and Hwasa’s new single album ‘Guilty Pleasure’. The project marks her first solo release since her debut mini-album ‘María’, which dropped in June last year.


The ‘Guilty Pleasure’ single album features three new tracks – title track ‘I’m A 빛’, ‘FOMO’ and ‘Bless U’, all three of which were worked on by Park. ‘Bless U’ was also co-written by Hwasa.

Hwasa first announced her solo comeback on November 11, a day after she dropped a cryptic “come back trailer”. ‘Guilty Pleasure’ is also notably Hwasa’s first solo release since she renewed her exclusive contract with RBW Entertainment earlier this year.

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO made their return in September with the single ‘mumumumuch’, from their Greatest Hits album ‘I Say MAMAMOO: The Best’. The 23-track record also included “2021” versions of the quartet’s hits such as ‘I Miss You’, ‘Piano Man’, ‘Decalcomanie’ and more, all of which had been re-recorded.

In other K-pop news, singers Jessi and Sunmi recently teamed up with British musician Ed Sheeran on a remix of his hit single ‘Shivers’. The rework features new verses from Jessi and Sunmi in both Korean and English.