MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul discusses the group’s large female fanbase

“Since we are the same gender, it feels like they understand even my inner self”

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul has revealed her thoughts on the group’s notable popularity among female fans.

The K-pop quartet is well-known for having a large female following both in South-Korea and internationally. The idol agreed in her response to ELLE Korea, as translated by Soompi, saying “to be honest, our fanbase is diverse but I think the women are more active.”

“There’s a certain excitement and emotional aspect that comes out of receiving recognition from the same gender,” Moonbyul said, revealing positive feelings. “Since we are the same gender, it feels like they understand even my inner self.”


The MAMAMOO member also reflected on her activities as a soloist in 2020, when she released her second solo album, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. Despite being the rapper of the group, Moonbyul usually showcases her vocals in her solo releases. “Looking back, I still feel proud that I was able to showcase my own colour as a solo artist,” she shared.

When asked about how her idea of a good performance has changed over her eight-year career, the singer replied: “There was a time when I was busy showing off a bright and curated image. Since people look forward to that side of me, I thought that I had to work harder to become better at it. That’s still important but now I think more about doing what I like.”

“I was able to learn that I’m able to work longer if I do what I like,” said Moonbyul, noting how her focus has shifted over the years.

She also offered advice to PURPLE KISS, the latest group to debut under RBW Entertainment. “I hope you work while searching for happiness and meet good people who support you,” she told her agency juniors.

Moonbyul also pointed out how MAMAMOO was the agency’s first group, and that “there were a lot of things [they] had to pioneer [themselves]”. She elaborated: “I can see their concerns in their eyes. When I was their age, there wasn’t anyone to say stuff like that to me […] I think I just told them what I’d want to hear back then.”