MAMAMOO’s Solar says a group comeback is “not going to be immediate”

“It’s something that we’re continuing to work hard towards, but maybe not right now”

Solar has revealed that a MAMAMOO comeback is currently not in the works, but hopes that they can release new music together this year.

In a recent interview with MTV Newsthe K-pop idol spoke about whether there are plans for MAMAMOO to return as a full group sometime soon. The interviewer noted that all four members recently released solo music and wondered whether this signaled a MAMAMOO comeback.

However, Solar admitted that this was not the case and that there’s nothing currently in the works, but personally hopes that a MAMAMOO comeback will happen soon. “I do really want to show as MAMAMOO with a new project, but it’s not going to be immediate,” she confessed.


Yet, Solar did end off on somewhat of a positive note, saying that a group return might be in the cards sometime this year. “It’s something that we’re continuing to work hard towards, but maybe not right now,” she said. “I will very, very carefully say maybe this year, but, again, it’s not definite!”

Elsewhere in the interview, Solar also spoke about how her years with MAMAMOO have taught her a lot about how to be a solo artist. “I’ve learned a lot within those eight years with MAMAMOO, but even now, I am actually still continuing to learn from,” she said.

“But because I’ve been in MAMAMOO, and we released so much music together, it’s one of the reasons why I can even be active as a solo artist, so I’m very thankful,” Solar added. “It’s taught me so much.”

Solar made her solo comeback earlier this week with her first-ever mini-album ‘FACE’, featuring lead single ‘Honey’. She is also the third member of MAMAMOO to have made a solo comeback this year, following Wheein with ‘Whee’ and Moonbyul with ‘6equence’, both of which dropped in January.

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