MAMAMOO’s Wheein leaves RBW but will still remain part of the group

The singer has agreed to stay with the K-pop act until December 2023

MAMAMOO member Wheein has officially ended her exclusive contact with longtime agency RBW Entertainment.

The company announced today (June 11) that the South Korean vocalist has chosen not to renew her contract with the entertainment agency. RBW noted that Wheein’s decision follows “in-depth decision” with the company and that it “fully respect[s]” her choice.

“Wheein has been in in-depth discussions with us like the other members for a long time, but in the end, she decided not to renew her contract. Hence, we would like to inform you that our exclusive contract with her will be terminated,” RBW told Osen, as translated by Soompi. “We fully respect Wheein’s choice, and we sincerely wish Wheein, who is starting a new chapter in life, happiness and good fortune.”


Despite the end of her exclusive contract, Wheein has also agreed to an “extended agreement” where she will continue to be a part of MAMAMOO until at least December 2023. The agency will update fans about the future activities of the girl group at a later date.

“However, all four members have unchanging affection for MAMAMOO, so Wheein signed an extended agreement to participate in some activities, including albums and concerts, until December 2023,” RBW added. “MAMAMOO’s music will continue as much as the great love fans have sent them, and we will inform you about the specific future activities later.”

Earlier this week, South Korean media had claimed in reports that Wheein had decided to leave RBW Entertainment. However, at the time, the company said that “nothing has been decided regarding Wheein’s renewal of her contract”.

Wheein is currently the only member of MAMAMOO who did not renew their contract with RBW Entertainment. Moonbyul and Solar had signed a recontract with the company in January, with Hwasa following soon after in March.

The popular girl group recently made their comeback with their 11th mini-album ‘WAW’, which featured the single ‘Where Are We Now’. Prior to the release, the members had been focusing on their solo careers.

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