Man loses hand as police clash with illegal ravers in France

The incident occurred in Redon, Brittany on Friday night (June 18)

An illegal rave in a field in France took a violent turn when police attempted to break up the gathering, with one man losing his hand in the clashes.

Some 1,500 people turned up to the field in Redon, Brittany on Friday night (June 18), despite authorities banning the event under coronavirus rules when it was organised on social media.

More than 400 police turned up in riot gear, sparking seven hours of clashes with party-goers who reportedly threw breezeblocks, petrol bombs and firecrackers at police.

Two officers were hospitalised, and two protestors suffered injuries. Among them was a 22-year-old man who is thought to have had his hand blown off by an explosive.

Regional police chief Pierre Sauvegrain reportedly confirmed that the man picked up an object which exploded.

An investigation has since been launched into how the 22-year-old lost his hand.

Curfew rules have been in place in France for eight months, but the restrictions are due to be lifted this weekend as infection rates drop and vaccinations rise.

It’s believed that the rave was originally held in honour of a man who died nearby in 2019.

Similar scenes occurred in Germany, where around 4,000 people gathered at a park in Hamburg on Friday evening, defying rules on group meetings.

Police were forced to clear the park after their pleas for people to leave were ignored.

Officers were attacked with bottles, with two slightly injured, but it’s believed that most people left the scene by 1am.