Mayor Andy Burnham said: “I can’t say I was a regular but I did go The Haçienda on a number of occasions in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In truth, I probably got turned away at the door more times than I got in but I did manage, one or twice, to get past the country’s strictest fashion police!

“I count myself so lucky to have been in and around the city at that time – it was an amazing place to be. It felt like we were the epicentre of the musical world and, for the coming generation, who had got used to growing up in a depressed and downtrodden north west, it mattered that we could go to the club that the whole world was starting to talk about.”

He added: “The Haçienda was a place where people who loved music could come together and be who they wanted to be. In these challenging times, it seems fitting that The Hacienda should once again be that beacon of unity, on our amazing new platform, United We Stream Greater Manchester, showcasing the best of our city-region to the whole world.”

At the time of writing, coronavirus has claimed the lives of over 89,000 people across the globe.

The UK remains in lockdown, with citizens ordered to stay at home except to shop for food and medicine, for only one form of exercise per day, and to travel to and from essential workplaces.