Manchester Orchestra planning b-sides album for 2011

Band may follow new album 'Simple Math' with a second collection

Manchester Orchestra have said that they may follow the release their new album ‘Simple Math’ with a b-sides collection.

Keyboardist/drummer Chris Freeman told that if the band have time they will record the new songs that didn’t make the album as b-sides, then collate them in a full record.

“We had a ton of songs for this album,” he said. “Cutting down was the hardest part. At the end of the day there were 50-plus songs we had to cut down on. The thing about our band is that we really love the studio and touring is a separate entity that we do because we have to and because we like seeing our fans and have them not just be an idea.”

He added: “We do love just sitting in the studio. If we can get some time to sit down in the studio and hash out the songs that didn’t make it, we’ll try to get a B-sides album out this year.”

Freeman also said the band are “talking about” returning to the UK later this year.

‘Simple Math’ is released on Monday (May 9).