Manchester Orchestra releasing third album in May

Band confirm that 'Simple Math' will be a concept album

Atlanta rockers Manchester Orchestra are releasing their third album in May.

‘Simple Math’ is the follow-up to 2009’s ‘Mean Everything To Nothing’.

In an interview with, singer Andy Hull described the new record as a concept album.


“This record is two duelling coversations between me and my wife and me and my God,” he said. “Sometimes, even for myself, it’s difficult to decipher which one I’m actually talking to.”

The band have said they plan to tour extensively after the album’s release.

The tracklisting for ‘Simple Math’ is:

‘God Is In The Wicked’
‘Simple Math’
‘Father’s Sins’
‘Pale Black Eye’
‘Red Rancid’
‘April Fool’
‘Leave It Alone’
‘Last Remark’
‘Leaky Breaks’