Manchester pub responds to Liam Gallagher’s criticism

The Oasis frontman advised fans to avoid the pub after his brother Paul was allegedly turned away for wearing "tracky bottoms".

A Manchester pub has responded after being criticised by Liam Gallagher on Twitter.

The Oasis frontman advised fans to avoid The Elizabethan in Heaton Moor after his brother Paul was allegedly turned away for wearing “tracky bottoms”.

“The bar mans (sic) won’t let you in if you ain’t got a Gucci bath robe on,” Liam Gallagher wrote on Twitter.


A reporter from the Manchester Evening News has since visited the pub and said she had no issue being served while wearing leisurewear.

Discussing the pub’s dress code, manager Hugh Smyth told the reporter: “It’s mainly an issue with quite visual sportswear, tracksuits with the stripes down, that kind of thing. 99 per cent of people aren’t wanting to cause any trouble, and most people are happy to abide by the dress policy. We wouldn’t be so busy if they weren’t happy would we?”

He added: “We haven’t got a problem with trainers, trainers are fine.”


Richard Ashcroft and Liam Gallagher

Last week, Liam teased his forthcoming solo album, warning Noel’s fans that they’ll “have nowhere to run or hide.”

Taking to Twitter, Liam told followers that ‘L FUCKIN G is on the way’, adding ‘look out, be brave’, and ‘listening forward to my new tunes all you NGHFB fans are gonna have nowhere to run or hide Ha ha’ – along with what many believe to be snippets of new lyrics.

Earlier this month, a ‘source’ claimed that Richard Ashcroft had helped put together Liam’s live band for his upcoming tour dates.