Måneskin at Glastonbury 2023 on fame, new music and working with Bring Me The Horizon

"The more people listen to us, the more I feel validated to say every piece of bullshit that comes into my mind – so keep listening, guys!"

Måneskin made their Glastonbury debut yesterday (Saturday 24 June) – catching up with NME backstage to tell us about dreams of meeting Guns N’ Roses and Lana Del Rey, collaborating with Bring Me The Horizon, and thoughts for their next album.

Taking to the packed-out tent of the Woodsies stage in the early evening, the former Eurovision winners turned global rock sensation gave Worthy Farm a taste of their arena spectacular as the world tour for acclaimed 2023 album ‘RUSH!‘ rolls on.

In a break for the madness, we met the foursome for a quick chat and a photoshoot to take stock.

NME: Hello Måneskin. You’re probably the most fresh-looking people in all of Glastonbury. 


Victoria De Angelis, bass: “It’s not too hard of a battle!”

I know you enjoyed watching Arctic Monkeys’ headline set. Can you sense the magic of what it means to play Glasto?

Thomas Raggi, guitar: “We are super excited. Of course, you can see all these historic videos of bands of the past, so we are excited for tonight.”

V: “You can really feel the energy. The festival is really raw, free and wild, and people are really in a good mood so I think it’s going to be quite different from other festivals.”

Your friend Slash from Guns N’ Roses is here. Do you think we might see an on-stage collab this weekend? 

T: “We wish! I met him when we played in Rock In Rio. He’s a super nice guy. We love Guns N’ Roses. Also they’re going to play tonight, so we are ready for that!”

V: “Thomas would be crying.”

Maybe you could meet Axl Rose today and complete the set? 

V: “When Damiano [David, frontman] is too tired we can just be like, ‘Axl, give us a hand!’”


Måneskin backstage at Glatonbury 2023. Credit: Andy Ford for NME
Måneskin backstage at Glatonbury 2023. Credit: Andy Ford for NME

Who else do you want to see while you’re here?

V: “Lana Del Rey. We met her at the Gucci party. Only briefly, but she was really cool.”

Maybe that’s a future collab? 

V: “We wish! [starts singing ‘Hands on your knees…’ from ‘Peppers’]”

Speaking of teaming up, Thomas we saw on Instagram that you’d been working with Jordan Fish from Bring Me The Horizon… 

T: “Yeah, that’s true. He’s a super nice guy. We just like to make a session together. It was fun and super cool. We did it here in London. It was just jamming. We met at the BRIT Awards and we just have fun together.”

And how’s progress going on new music from Måneskin? 

V: “We’ve been doing some nice stuff. You’ll have to wait!”

D: “Give us some time. The last one only came out in January.”

Has fame changed the way you write music? 

V: “Probably a little bit, I would say. Of course you get more thoughts and opinion [aimed at you], but we try not to think about it when we’re writing. If you get too much up in your head then you lose the natural part of it. Of course, it must have changed because we’ve evolved and we’re growing. We’re still so young and when we started we were only 16-years-old. You always learn something new from touring and the artists you meet. It improves your ways of writing and creating.”

Måneskin backstage at Glatonbury 2023. Credit: Andy Ford for NME
Måneskin backstage at Glatonbury 2023. Credit: Andy Ford for NME

Damiano, when you’re on stage and feel that electricity running through you, do you feel the need write a song to blow that stadium to pieces? 

D: “For me, it’s more about the performance itself. I’m trying to put out everything I’ve got, every time. Of when we write music and we feel like we’re writing something that’s going to be especially good live, we always try to focus on it a little bit more to create some moments that can work live. When we prepare the setlist for the gigs, we always try to put some more instrumental moments in there and create some interaction with the audience. That’s what we like to do.”

Damiano, has becoming an international rock icon changed the way you see the world and the way you write music as a result?

D: “Actually, the more people listen to us, the more I feel validated to say every piece of bullshit that comes into my mind – so keep listening, guys! If you want more bullshit, I’ve got a huge bag.”

What does the rest of 2023 have in store for Måneskin?

V: “Well, we’re going to have a huge tour from September to December in the States, Australia, Japan, Latin America, Europe, so we’re very excited for that. This summer we can hopefully enjoy a little vacation after our stadium shows in Italy. Then, we’ll see. Maybe a little break, then we can go again.”

Glastonbury 2023 concludes today with performances from Elton John, Queens Of The Stone Age, Blondie, Phoenix, Thundercat and many more.

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Måneskin’s upcoming 2023 world headline dates are below, with tickets here and here.

3 – Hanover, Germany – EXPO Plaza
6 – Nancy, France – Nancy Open Air
21 – New York, NY – Madison Square Garden
23 – Columbia, MD – Merriweather Post Pavilion
25 – Boston, MA – TD Garden
27 – Toronto, ON – Scotiabank Arena
29 – Chicago, IL – Allstate Arena

1 – Detroit, MI – Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill
3 – Nashville, Nashville, TN – Nashville Municipal Auditorium

6 – Irving, TX – The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
10 – Los Angeles, CA – Kia Forum
13 – Oakland, CA – Oakland Arena
15 – Vancouver, BC – Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre
20 – Mexico City, Mexico – Palacio De Los Deportes
24 – Bogotá, Colombia – Movistar Arena
27 – Santiago, Chile – Estadio Bicentenario La Florida
29 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Movistar Arena

1 – Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil – Qualistage
3 – San Paulo, Brazil – Espaço Unimed
20 – Brisbane, QLD – BCEC
22 – Sydney, NSW – Hordern Pavilion
23 – Melbourne, VIC – Margaret Court Arena
25 – Adelaide, SA – AEC Theatre
27 – Singapore

2 –  Tokyo, Japan
3 –  Tokyo, Japan
7 – Kobe, Japan
14 – Dublin, Ireland –  3 Arena
19 – Manchester, UK – AO Arena