Måneskin share ‘RUSH!’ album tracklist featuring fan favourite ‘Gasoline’

The band will also drop new track 'LA FINE' at midnight

Måneskin have shared the tracklisting for their forthcoming new album ‘RUSH!‘.

The band took to Instagram to confirm the full tracklisting which includes their forthcoming collaboration with Tom Morello, ‘GOSSIP’, and fan favourite ‘Gasoline’. You can view the tracklisting below.

Speaking about the latter in their NME Big Read cover interview earlier this year, the band revealed the track is a defiant anti-Putin song.


“What was happening in Europe really scared us,” said frontman Damiano David at the time. “We have many Ukrainian friends and felt privileged to not be there and have to face that situation, but also we knew that we had a voice to give people the opportunity to think about things. You can’t be unbiased with these kinds of things: there’s a right side and there is a wrong side and there is no grey between.”

The band will also drop new track ‘LA FINE’ at midnight. Other songs on the record include ‘The Loneliest’, ‘Supermodel’ and ‘Kool Kids’.

Meanwhile, the band recently said that the album as a whole has been inspired by Radiohead in an NME In Conversation video chat about how how they took inspiration from the seminal group during the writing and recording process for ‘RUSH!’

Referencing their 2022 single ‘The Loneliest’, frontman Damiano David said: “People have got our aesthetic – now we’ve got to show the inside.”


Bassist Victoria De Angelis added: “It’s a new side for our new audience, but we’ve always been playing ballads. That’s always been a big part of our music, so with this one we tried to experiment a bit more with the sound. We listened to a lot of Radiohead where they work a lot with pedals.”

Elaborating further on the influence they took from Radiohead, David said: “I think that the inspiration we got from Radiohead was to be very focused on creating a very specific world for each song.

“It’s something they do very, very well so we tried to create these amazing atmospheres. They really create an image of what you’re listening to, and that gave us inspiration.”

In a recent NME Big Read cover interview, Iggy Pop also hailed the band after working with them on the track ‘I Wanna Be Your Slave’.

Måneskin, who rose to fame after winning Eurovision 2021, will return to London for a headline show at The O2 on May 8, 2023 (find tickets here). The gig will form part of a lengthy European tour that begins in February.

A run of North American dates are scheduled for between late October and mid-December, 2022 (find tickets here).

‘RUSH!’ will be released on January 20, 2023 while new single ‘GOSSIP’ will come out the week before on January 13.

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