Manic Street Preachers Nicky Wire: ‘Nick Clegg reminds me of David Brent’

Bassist brands the Deputy Prime Minister a 'desperate politician'

Manic Street PreachersNicky Wire has compared Nick Clegg to The Office‘s David Brent, branding him a “third rate” politician.

The bassist laid into the Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat leader in a video interview you can watch on the right now.

Having pointed out that Clegg did worse than his predecessor Charles Kennedy in getting more Liberal Democrats elected to parliament, Wire suggested trouble started in British politics “when Nick Clegg suddenly became important”.

“He just reminds me of David Brent, he’s a terrible motivational speaker, real third rate,” declared Wire. “He’s a desperate politician, he’s desperate for power. [He’s] much worse than the Tories themselves. You know what you’re going to get from the Tories, there’s no surprise there, they just want to make loads of cuts and privatise things.”

Get this week’s issue of NME for a full interview with Wire, including his manifesto for saving rock ‘n’ roll. It’s on UK newsstands now, or available digitally worldwide right now.