Nicky Wire: ‘The Drums make me feel ill, they’ve just taken Ian Curtis’ dance’

Bassist thinks current crop of frontmen have no true soul

Manic Street PreachersNicky Wire has bemoaned the lack of true rock stars in music today.

The bassist, speaking in this week’s issue of NME, suggested that, while there is good music around, none of the current crop of frontmen have true soul.

“There’s no shortage of good music being made in the world, but where are the intelligent, outspoken, chaotic and self-destructive rock’n’roll stars?” he asked.

“When I seen bands like The Drums being fawned over, it makes me feel ill,” he added. “There is literally no soul in that band. They’ve taken nothing from the depth or poetry or amazing lyrics of Ian Curtis, they’ve just taken his kooky dance. The whole generation is attired in American Apparel, there’s no individualism any more.”

For the full interview, including Wire‘s manisfesto for saving rock’n’roll, this week’s issue of NME on UK newsstands now, or available digitally worldwide right now.

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