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A spokesperson for MANIC STREET PREACHERS could today (November 8) neither confirm nor deny growing rumours that the band plan to call their new album ‘GIVE ‘EM ENOUGH ROPE’.

Since earlier this week the title has been circulating around messageboards on various Manic fansites and fans have begun contacting NME.COM seeking confirmation. Though it sounds almost laughable that the trio would choose to lift the title of The Clash’s second album for the name of their much anticipated sixth, the Manic’s are well known for being forthright in plugging their reference points – The Clash were one of the groups that inspired the Manics to form in the first place, and indeed their limited edition first single ‘Suicide Alley’ boasted a cover that paid very obvious homage to that of The Clash’s first album.

The spokesperson for The Manics added that the band were close to completion of work on the album, the follow-up to 1998’s ‘This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours’. It will be released early spring 2001. As exclusively revealed earlier this year on NME.COM, it’s been produced in part by dance maverick David Holmes.

Have the Manics gone too far with their nods towards their punk roots, or is it a good idea? Do you have any ideas of titles you think the band should use instead? Or are the Manics simply a band who’ll forever be in the Clash?s shadow?

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